How to Help Your Local Dog Shelter

Summary: Dogs play important roles in our lives. Here are some tips on how you can give back by helping your local dog shelter.

Dogs have earned the title of “Man’s Best Friend” because of how big of an impact they have had on us. They are loyal, they help brighten our days up, and they just want to make sure their humans are safe and happy. Fortunately, some stray, abandoned, surrendered, or lost animals end up in shelters, where they are cared for until someone adopts them and brings them to a new home. These dogs in shelters may feel scared or nervous. Even if you are unable to adopt an animal there are steps one can each take to help these animals out.


Of the approximately 7.6 animals that enter animal shelters each year, around 3.9 million of them are dogs. It should come as no surprise that these shelters go through tremendous amounts of supplies to care for all of the animals. You can donate bottles of water, canned food, hard food, and packaged treats. Before delivering them, make sure they are unopened and have not yet passed their expiration dates.

Beyond food and water, there are plenty of other supplies that dog shelters use a good amount of. If you want to help your local dog shelter our, you can also bring in some items to help with the maintenance of the facilities. Things like paper towels, dish soap, sponges, and towels are all play a role in keeping the shelters and animals clean. Foam inserts can help make the cages more comfortable and welcoming for the dogs. They will add some extra padding to separate the dogs from the hard floor surfaces.

Volunteer Time

In addition to donating items to assist your local dog shelter, you can also make a difference by volunteering some of your time. Dogs, just like humans, need regular exercise to be strong and live healthy lives. If you have previous experience, you can help walk dogs.

If you do not feel up to the task of walking dogs, you can volunteer your time in other ways. You can help groom dogs, clean cages, and help around with general maintenance tasks. Some shelters are understaffed and can use the extra assistance.

Spread The Word 

Perhaps the most important way you can help your local dog shelter is by spreading the word. There are plenty of people out there who love animals but they may not be aware of all of the help these shelters need. Whether the shelter needs someone to stop by Petsmart for food or check The Foam Factory for more padding, every little bit helps.

By talking to your friends and family and telling them about how they can get involved, you increase the chances of someone else donating supplies and time to help the cause. Word of mouth truly is important. Even if someone you speak to is unable to help out, if they also tell people they know about the shelter, they may find someone who would be more than willing to lend a hand.

How to Choose the Best Kennel For Your Pit Bull

Summary: If you’re choosing to have your pit live in a kennel, be sure that it’s secure, safe, and built to ensure your dog lives peacefully.

Whether you’re in the business of pitbull breeding or are just looking to provide the very best care for your pit, here are some useful tips that you can implement to provide the very best shelter for your furry friend.

Kennel Enclosures

Kennels are designed to provide a secure and weather-resistant enclosure for your pit bull. Depending on the design, they can range from being large and airy to snug and insulated. If you’re in the market for a kennel, be sure that it includes a solid floor or ground wire around the edges to prevent your pit from escaping, an area that provides shade and a separate area to allow for sunlight exposure, a wide space to allow the pit to move away from his or her feces and urine, and an insulated dog house for heat conservation. These are necessary features that will allow your pit to live in comfort.

You Get What You Pay For

When purchasing a kennel, don’t purchase the cheapest one that you see. A poorly built kennel puts your dog at risk. It can’t be stressed enough that these aren’t designed to be long-term solutions and can potentially injure your dog or place him or her in an unsafe environment.

Wood Versus Cement

Do not use wood flooring for your kennel surface. For one, it can hold disease and parasites that can easily sliver into your dog’s paws and induce infection. This cannot be stressed enough. Many dog owners believe that wood floors provide a luxurious environment for the dog, but it’s quite the opposite. If he or she is outside, the floor panels are subjected to the environmental changes. Meaning, if the wood starts developing mold, bugs are likely to infest the innards of the panels, causing an unsafe and gross sleeping are for your dog.

Additional Kennel Tips

Never kennel two pitbulls together. An experienced pitbull owner will tell you that leaving two bulldogs for example, locked together puts them at an unnecessary risk, no matter how well they seem to get along. There are bound to be fights that can cause serious injuries to the both of them. Also, if you’re thinking about picking up that American pitbull dog for sale down the street, be sure that you have your kennel picked out and ready for when you bring him or her home. It’s crucial that you place your pit in his or her living space immediately. This way, your dog can get accustomed to the surroundings. Be sure to secure the water bucket to prevent it from tipping. But, be smart about it. Don’t hook it to an area where your dog’s collar can get tangled up with it. Keep it open but away from wires or areas that can snag easily. Once they get stuck on it, they’ll try their best to run opposite of where he or she is snagged, causing asphyxiation and serious injury. This should essentially be common knowledge though.

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How Observation Plays a Key Role in Pitbull Breeding

Pitbull breeding requires patience, dedication, and a keen eye for detail.

Contrary to popular belief, the pitbull terrier is actually an affectionate and loyal breed that displays an easygoing attitude towards humans. Properly bred pitbulls can make great household additions but the process involves a detail-oriented approach.

Ensure Your Pitbull is Suitable to Breed

Pitbull breeding requires you to trace the lineage of the pitbull that you are planning to breed. This is to make sure that your dog does not have any abnormalities that could affect the breeding process. Remember, pitbulls are active dogs, but they are also prone to numerous health conditions when poorly bred. It’s not just excruciating to see your pitbull suffer from hip dysplasia for example, but the amount of pain that your dog will feel on a daily basis essentially makes everything worse.

Select the Right Pitbull

By verifying the history of the pitbull that you are looking to breed with, be sure that both the male and female’s records are clear. Then, spend a good amount of time with both dogs to observe their demeanor. Ideally, you’ll want to find a pitbull that has a confident but calm attitude. Some pitbull’s will appear frightened or distraught whenever someone comes near them. If you are looking to properly breed, avoid these pitbulls as some of these traits could appear on your pitbull pup. Observation is a key aspect when it comes to blue nose pitbull breeders due to the fact that these signs are indicators that could have dire consequences once the breeding process as been completed.

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