What Actually Causes the “Blue” in Blue Nose Pitbulls


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The color pigmentation is a combination of perception and a mixture of colors.

A blue nose pitbull is simply one with a “blue” coat that look anywhere from a light shiny dark to a more profound charcoal. Similarly, blue nose pitbulls have grayish nose calfskin as opposed to the more regular dark nose. Blue pitbulls ARE NOT a different breed as many have claimed them to be. Many blue nose pitbull breeders can verify this.

More than Meets the Eye

What causes the blue-dim color may really astonish you. Blue is a dilution of the shading dark color. The hereditary make-up of a blue pitbull contains a passive characteristic that causes the shading pigmentation to cluster around the center of the hair shaft leaving the tips lackluster in color. The impact to our eyes is the dim dark that is ordinarily called blue.

How the Blue Color Comes Into Play

You may remember from your high school days in science class that in order for a recessive trait (like blue eyes in people) to be given to the offspring, both guardians must convey the quality for the passive attribute. Add to that the way that the alleles that cooperate with and impact coat and skin shading and shading examples are found in a few spots along the canine genome, and you can acknowledge how dubious creating a specific shading can be.

Breeders who “practice” in blue pitbulls, keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the creation of blue pups, should fundamentally constrain themselves to a generally small gene pool. It’s not unprecedented for raisers to utilize puppies from the same families again and again in rehashed breedings to convey the passive attributes to the fore. This practice, when overcompensated, is connected with both wellbeing and behavioral issues. So before you go and look at each and every sign that says “blue nose pitbull puppy for sale”, be sure you do some thorough background check on the business.

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